Introducing “Save21AlbemarleStreet”

We need to Save 21 Albemarle Street !

It has been the home of the Royal Institution (Ri) since its formation in the 1700s, and yet they may be forced to sell the building to raise desperately needed funds.

I have set up the  “Save21AlbermarleStreet” group as a gathering place for all those that don’t want to see this happen.  We initially formed a Facebook group, and created the twitter account, on Friday 18th January.  This new website is to promote the group’s activities and to update people with news and developments along the way.

I set up the group (independently of the Ri) so that we, people from all over the world, can show them our support, and do what we can to help.

As I said in comment to the Ri’s facebook page: “Don’t worry Ri – we, the public, won’t let this happen. We will empty our piggy banks, fund-raise, persuade rich people to donate, persuade companies to donate. We can do this. We can save your building. You aren’t on your own.”

We are pleased to have the support of Nobel Laureate Prof. Sir Harry Kroto, and various other eminent scientists who also want to “Save 21 Albemarle street”, and Save the Ri.

Mary R. Perkins,

Founder,  Save21AlbemarleStreet

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Facebook group:

Twitter: @Save21Albemarle


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