Calling all Members of the Royal Institution

Calling all paid-up full Members (or fellows) of the Royal Institution – we need your help today please.

We are trying to get a clearer picture, from the governance team at the Ri, of exactly what the financial position is.  The only way we will gain that clarity swiftly, is at a Special General Meeting (SGM).  On Friday evening I emailed Richard Sykes, Chairman of the Ri, to formally request one.

We need at least 15 other Ri members to do the same, in order to be certain that the SGM will be called – that’s where you come in.

Can you please send an email to  copied to his P.A.   and also copied to  (for our records).

Do take care with spelling those email addresses 😉

In your email can you please say something like “As a member of the Ri, I write in support of the email you received from Mary Perkins on Friday 25th January.  I too ask that you call a SGM, as soon as possible, to discuss with members the Ri’s financial situation and the possible sale by the trustees of 21 Albemarle Street.”

You will need to include your address (and/or membership number) so that they can verify that you are a member.

The more members that can do the above, the better please.  We need to show that we want to be involved, and that we don’t want to see the building end up as a hotel!   The more members that email, from across the spectrum of the membership, the louder our message of support becomes.

Thank you 🙂



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